Become an E-WALD chargeME customer and use all our charging stations flexibly and cost-efficiently through a prepaid procedure. This allows all end customers to have total control of their costs and top up their customer account as required.


0,48 €/kWh1

idle fee: after 2h additional 0,10 €/min


0,59 €/kWh1

idle fee: after 1h additional 0,10 €/min


0,69 €/kWh1

idle fee: after 1h additional 0,10 €/min

(HPC=High Performance Charging)

E-WALD calculates the consumption according to kWh and the occupancy (idle fee) of a charging station based on a unit of time. All prices include VAT.

1 Prices may vary depending on the location. You can find more details at chargeportal.e-wald.eu. Simply click on the desired charging station to see whether the chargeME tariff is available there.

Always stay energized.

Our chargeME customer portal provides real-time information about the respective charging stations. This way you can check the availability of individual charging points as well as the available power and the individual charging connections at the respective charging station. All customers can view their power consumption data and the list of completed charging processes and individual bills. Moreover, you can start and end the charging process at the selected charging station via the customer portal.