“Take care of our Nature and your pocket. Save energy and costs with our eCarsharing-service.”

With eCarsharing, we rely on an ecological mobility solution that combines environmentally friendly electric cars and electricity from renewable energies. The principle of eCarsharing is very simple: You share a vehicle, instead of buying it permanently. So, you only pay for the time that it is actually used and do not have to cover any insurance, maintenance or other operating costs. Moreover, it can be charged at all E-WALD charging stations free of charge. Just book the location and the required vehicle for the desired period and travel carbon-free.

Your electric car in three simple steps

Login – Book – Enjoy the experience


Simply register online and decide if you want to go to an E-WALD sales office or go through our online test to verify your drivers licence.

Driver’s license verification:

At the E-WALD sales office:
  1. enter data to the registration mask
  2. print the attached contract from the confirmation mail
  3. Find sales office.
  4. provide contract, ID card and driver´s license
  5. receive directly your customer card, book a car and drive off.
online verification:
  1. enter data to the registration mask
  2. choose “verify via video ckeck”
  3. click on the link in the confirmation email to start the video call
  4. show your ID card and driver´s license
  5. book a car immediately using the app and drive off. You will receive your customer card by mail a few days later.


Log in via smartphone or from your PC here. You can check online availability here and book the vehicle of your choice for the desired period.


The electric car is ready for use at the eCarsharing location. Open it electronically with your customer card or smartphone and off you go. Low-noise, carbon-free, ecological and environmentally friendly.