Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the estimated range of an electric vehicle?


A: As with a conventional internal-combustion vehicle, factors such as driving style, route profile, topography, and environmental impact play a major role for the consumption and have a greater impact than conventional vehicles.

Typically, the travel range estimated by the electric car manufacturers is higher than the one actually achieved.

The average ranges for the individual models, which are achieved by our customers, are as follows:Smart electric: 120km
Smart EQ: 150km
Renault ZOE (R210): 150km
Renault ZOE (Z.E.40): 250km
BMWi3 (60Ah): 150km
BMWi3 (90Ah): 200km
BMWi3 (120Ah): 260km
Nissan Leaf (40kWh): 230km
Nissan eNV200 (24kWh): 150km
Nissan eNV200 (40kWh): 230km
Opel Ampera-e: 380km




Q: How long does it take for an electric vehicle to recharge?


A: The charging time depends on the battery capacity of the respective vehicle and the charger. In general, the following applies: The larger the battery capacity, the longer the charging process. Although the entire charging process, e.g., in a Renault ZOE, using a common household plug type-F takes approx. 10 hours or can be fully charged in 60 minutes using a 22kW type 2 charging device. And even up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Some vehicles also have charging connections for direct current (CCS & CHAdeMO) with which fast chargers can be charged even faster. For example, Charge the 28kWh battery of a Hyundai IONIQ to 80% within 20 minutes.



Q: Where can i charge my electric vehicle?


A: You will find the up-to-date map of our charging infrastructure on our homepage under the category ‘Charging’. Presently, you can charge your vehicle at over 1000 E-WALD charging points. In addition, you can also charge an electric vehicle of the E-WALD fleet via a common household plug type-Fsocket (Schuko).




Q: How can i charge my electric vehicle at the charging stations?


A: First, prove your identity at the charging station by briefly holding the vehicle’s RFID chip up to the reader. Then, select which charging point you would like to use for the charging process. Now, the corresponding charging point unlocks automatically and you can connect the charging cable to the vehicle and the charging station. Instructions for our various charging stations can be found under „Downloads“. Alternatively, you can spontaneously start the charging process with a smartphone using the QR codes affixed on the charging stations.



Q: I have my own electric vehicle - can i buy electricity from E-WALD?


A: Of course, you can also charge your own electric vehicle at our charging stations. We offer various solutions that ensure convenient access to the charging station. These are explained in detail on our homepage under ‘Charging‘.


Q: What costs can i expect when i rent an electric vehicle at E-WALD?


A: You only pay at the selected weekly, daily or hourly rate determined for the corresponding vehicle. To be able to use our range of vehicles in eCarsharing, you would need to use your E-WALD customer card once. The registration costs total EUR 6.00. For our rental vehicles, you have over 300 free kilometres per booking in eCarsharing, after that you pay 15 cents per km. All costs are listed in the Terms of Use.




Q: What happens if my E-WALD electric vehicle breaks down?


A: Contact our customer service immediately by calling at the emergency number designated in the vehicle and report the damage in question. Our staff will be glad to provide further assistance.



Q: What is the cost of charging at the E-WALD charging stations?

A: You pay per kWh rates at our charging station; these vary depending on whether you charge via Charge Mobile or with flexCharge.

E-WALD calculates the consumption according to kWh and the occupancy (idle fee) of a charging station based on a unit of time. All prices include VAT.

If you charge using a card issued by another Emobility Service Provider (EMP), the charging time will be billed at the rate applicable to the respective card.



Q: I have another charge card. Can I also use it to charge in the E-WALD network?


A: The E-WALD charging stations are part of a roaming network. Numerous charge cards from other Emobility Service Provider (EMP) can also be used at our charging stations. Here you can check if your card is also registered in the roaming network.


Q: Where can I pick up my customer card?


A: We also have distributors at all car sharing locations who verify your driver’s license and issue personal E-WALD customer cards. Please find the nearest distributor in your area here.

Another option would be the digital driver’s license verification, where the verification is conducted using a video chat. All you need is a smartphone or a computer with a webcam. And best of all, you can book a vehicle immediately after the check; You will receive your customer card by post a few days later.


Q: Can I also park the vehicle at another location?

A: Our Carsharing is station-based at the majority of our locations. If you book a vehicle, you have to return it to the location you picked it up from, except for the Friedrichshafen location. Here, you can use Campus-Mobil to travel between five different locations in Free-Floating.


Q: Can someone else drive the vehicle?


A: As long as you participate in the tour, other people who are in possession of a valid driver’s license are permitted to drive the vehicle. However, the risk of damage remains with you as a renter.